A downloadable game


Oculu-1.0-mac.zip 158 MB
Oculu-1.0-market.zip 184 MB
Oculu-1.0-pc.zip 176 MB


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It's an interesting idea, is it based off of a folk lore? The story was good but the roundabout ending was the only point that caused issues with me. A few playthroughs though and I got the final ending. Thanks to releasing this.

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Oh god I didn’t think someone would play it or even make a let’s play! It was originally made as a school project, so if u find the true ending u get to the section about the game which explains some things probably))

It’s not based on a folk story but is made to look like it is))) 

Thank u for playing, especially for doing it 3 times lol💙💙💙💙